Cold Turkey

by Admin 14. August 2014 12:00

And doesn’t it feel good


It’s taken a while but I’m clean now. I look back on my dependency and hate all those wasted years. What I could have achieved if I had never been hooked or if I had cleaned up my act sooner? Like most people with a problem I didn’t accept it was a problem though. Getting clean took a significant event in order for me to take a good hard look at what I was doing! It happened like this…

I got back from a week away with my family and fired up the trusty old desktop. It is a hex core AMD machine that I assembled myself (of course) a few years ago. It was running Windows 7 Ultimate (not sure what was so ultimate about it) and up it came eventually and I logged into the domain (yes, of course I run an AD domain at home, don’t you). After a few moments I got the dreaded blue screen of death, not something I’d seen for a while, but I sure knew what is was. I hard reset the machine and got the usual disk repair message…

Except at the end it told me that it couldn’t repair the disk. Well, to be honest that was no surprise as it never has before so why I thought that it would be different this time I don’t know. Another hard reset and I had something new; an unrecoverable I/O error. That’s it, no other information, just that. No clue as to which I/O device it might have been struggling with, nothing. After an hour of struggling to get the system up I decided that I was through with Microsoft and all its Windows minions. I was going to free myself once and for all from this tyranny.

I tested the hardware and found it was fine. And while yes, of course I could have reinstalled Windows, I was then facing the inevitable challenges of it already being registered and having to beg Microsoft to please let me reregister it. Then of course the many hours of downloading updates, fighting against the bandwidth needs of my son’s PS4. I live in a very rural area so high speed broadband doesn’t mean what you think it does… Then of course the same set of struggles putting on Microsoft applications that are massively bloated, have similar licence challenges and will also want to download their own set of updates. I’d be lucky if I was up and running a week later.

All of this flashed across my mind and in a brief instant I considered the option and discarded it. No, that way was not for me. I had walked that road too many times before and where had it got me? Enslaved to Microsoft, trapped with an operating system which changed it’s look and feel drastically in every iteration, taking away much loved features and replacing them with things that my hardware struggled to live with (no, I don’t have a touch screen as why would I want fingerprints all over my monitor). Instead I did what I should have done years ago, I downloaded the best desktop version of my Favourite UNIX – PC-BSD. The new version only runs on 64bit (unlike FreeBSD which it is based upon), but that isn’t a problem with my hex core AMD.

An three hours of downloading later (I did say I had pretty poor broadband – thanks Demon) and 15 minutes of installing later and here I am. A free man; cleared of my dependence on Microsoft and looking forward to life. An of course the core system is the same as the other OS which I use, Mac OS X. Both are based heavily on FreeBSD (as is my son’s PS4).

And with such a huge range of applications to choose from, all of which are free, I’m entering a strange new world where my computer can do exactly what I want it to, in the way I want it to and somewhat faster and cooler than it did before.

Wish me luck in my new Microsoft free adventure.

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