My mistake

by Steve Gailey 8. July 2015 16:27

I thought I'd found a good airline...

So it turns out that all airlines are as bad as each other. After years as a very (some would say overly) loyal BA customer I decided to change. The new BA executive club seems to be aimed at someone other than me and suddenly little perks like being able to book a specific seat have disappeared even though I’m a silver card holder. So, having taken advice I decided to switch my allegiance to KLM and make Amsterdam my hub airport.

Well, what a bad idea that turns out to be. My very first trip and I’m flying back into London City Airport and find myself at Amsterdam somewhat early, so I pay my €95 for an earlier flight and head through to the gate. Well if you know Schiphol airport you know it can be quite a hike to the gates so it took me about 40 minutes to get through security, passport control and all the way to gate 30. By the time I get there the flight is cancelled! I’m told that there weren’t enough people to make the flight worthwhile and I must book on another flight. So another couple of long walks later and I have done that and am back at the gate for a long wait for the original flight I was booked on.

No I’m sure that you are all thinking – no problem, KLM sold you a product which they then didn’t deliver, they will at least refund you the €95 you spent transferring to an earlier flight… Well no actually, as the earlier flight sold to me was operated by CityJet not KLM so KLM advised me to take it up with CityJet. CityJet on the other hand say it is nothing to do with them and I should go back to KLM who telm me that I should speak to CityJet.

Now I’m no expert in civil aviation but this seems to be somewhat crap! I’m the poor guy who just wants to get home to be with his family after a long and tiring business trip and these two organisations who apparently know each other well enough to operate flights for one another can’t even seem to have a conversation when something goes wrong. I’m now looking back at BA and whilst I still think they are an organisation that doesn’t care much about their customers (with the exception of in the air where the BA people are excellent) I suspect that BA are far from alone in their general crapness. It would appear that KLM and CityJet are equally crap, and don’t even get me started on Air France who delivered me not only to the wrong Italian city but the wrong region…

Other organisations don’t seem to treat their customers like this, why is it just airlines?


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